A Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Excellent Sound Quality

I’m not sure if your car has these troubles:

  • No Bluetooth
  • No hands-free function to answer the phone
  • Need to buy a bunch of CD discs or connected to an AUX cable to play music
  • Too slow to charge cell phone

These small problems are not major problems, but should we have to endure? Today, we will test a multifunctional car Bluetooth FM transmitter, I will give you details of the main features, I believe you will like it.

Leading hardware configuration, casting a strong function matrix

This Bluetooth FM Transmitter is finely crafted, mini and compact shape. The product is  8cm height, the thickest diameter is only 3.37cm, power input 12-24V, almost suitable for all car models on the market. The alloy and finely crafted body highlight the external beauty and texture of a good product.

Support lossless decoding, comparable to the original sound listening experience

With it you can eliminate the trouble of buying and storing discs. It support playing music in a USB disk, which can store a large number of your favorite songs. Also it has a stable wireless connection, no need for the cumbersome AUX connection. This product supports MP3 format, also supports FLAC, APE, WAV lossless format music file. The High-performance decoding chip and excellent noise reduction technology, presenting high-fidelity sound quality output, bringing you a live and smooth listening experience.

QC3.0 fast charging technology, so that your phone will be fully charged fast

While playing music and navigating, if the car charger can’t keep up with the speed of battery consuming, it would probably make you crazy. This product is equipped with the U.S. Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging technology, safe and fast, It only takes 40 minutes to power from 0% to 75%, say goodbye to the embarrassing moment of insufficient power.

High-quality Bluetooth chip, no connection lag

It’s equipped with a high-speed, high-quality Bluetooth chip to ensure a more stable and smooth connection with cell phones. A good Bluetooth chip on the market is several times the price of ordinary Bluetooth chips. This product is very strict selection of materials in the core hardware to ensure that the product has more excellent stability and reliability.

Digital voltage display, easy to know car battery power

It has built-in intelligent voltage detection chip, the first three seconds of power to display the car battery voltage value, so you can effectively prevent the situation that can’t start car due to low battery voltage.

Bluetooth hands-free call, navigation voice broadcast

Handheld phone calls while driving is a serious threat to the safety of their own and others. With this car Bluetooth transmitter, you can achieve high-quality Bluetooth hands-free calls, the sound will from the car stereo, no handheld phone calls, convenient and safe. After connecting the cell phone Bluetooth, not only hands-free calls, but also cell phone navigation, WhatsApp voice, cell phone music and other sound transmission will send to the car stereo. You can also control the phone player by this product, such as start playing, pause playing, the previous song and the next song, it’s really convenient.

Compatible with various map/music software

Compatible with Apple, Android phones in all kinds of map software, music APP, WhatsApp and other video software, voice calls. By the FM transmitter function, you can send the cell phone sound, USB disk music to the car stereo.

With such powerful functions, will it be difficult to use? Actually, it is very simple.

Step 1: Turn on the FM transmitter

Plug the FM transmitter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. The LED display will indicate the voltage of car battery for 5seconds. Then the device turns into Wireless pairing mode. LED screen displays “bt”.

Step 2: FM Frequency Tuning

Tune your car radio to a blank FM frequency. Press and hold the” 6, “button till the LED screen starts flashing the frequency. Press the previous/next button tune the transmitter to the same blank frequency.

Step 3: Wireless Pairing

At the first time, you will need to pair your mobile phone with the transmitter. Activate Wireless on your mobile phone, then search the transmitter(named as “C57″).Choose the transmitter and pair it with your phone. Normally the connection will pair automatically but sometimes it will require you to enter the password. Please use the password”0000”.

After setting FM frequency and pairing wireless, you can answer phone calls and play music through the transmitter.

You can get it from here: