Baseus 15000Pa Strong Suction Car Vacuum Review

The car can be a second home for most commuters, especially for those who commute more than 1 hour a day, a comfortable and clean car environment can bring us a pleasant experience. Car cleaning often needs to rely on vacuum cleaners, my earliest car cleaning mainly relies on the Dyson V7, but every time to take it up and down will always feel inconvenient, and then I got the Delmar VC01, 8500Pa suction power is enough, but it’s too large to put in the car.

There are already many options of “car vacuum cleaners” on the market, and it must be small and portable. But according to the unpleasant experience of using small vacuum cleaners in the past, the suction power of small ones is not enough. Some small vacuum cleaners are industrial waste, the suction power is not enough at all. The Baseus car vacuum cleaner in this article has greatly changed my impression of small vacuum cleaners, small can also be good.


This car vacuum cleaner shell is made of metal, the surface is anodized, the body is frosted, when you have it on hand it feel really good. Many other vacuum cleaner shells are made of ABS plastic.

This car vacuum cleaner contains: a machine, two-in-one nozzle, blow nozzle and storage bag.


Suction head part can be removed by rotating counterclockwise, further separation can see the cartridge, you can see the outer layer of the cartridge and the outer metal filter, metal mesh can effectively filter large particles of debris, and then protect the HEPA cartridge.

There is a rubber seal between the HEPA filter and the metal screen, and a high-density sponge at the bottom of the HEPA filter, both of which bring a better sealing effect.

This car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a two-in-one nozzle, can easily clean the narrow gaps in the car.

Use experience

Vacuum cleaner can easily sucks up plate

For the floating dust on the center or seats and the garbage in the crevices of the car, just use the first gear mode, the floating dust can be easily removed.

For the dust, gravel and other large particles of debris left on the foot pad, the second gear mode can also be done easily.

For the garbage in the side of the seat and the door storage compartment, you can use the two-in-one nozzle.

In addition to be used in the car , this vacuum cleaner can also be used indoors. For the keyboard crevice, sofa or desktop hair cleaning, the blowing tube will be helpful, a blow and a suction, the perfect solution

After using the vacuum cleaner, there is a lot of garbage in the dust collection bucket. It is quite easy to clean the cartridge, just wash it directly after cleaning the debris, but it should be noted that the cartridge must be dried after washing, otherwise it is easy to smell and may affect the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the product has lighting, just long press the power button 3s to turn on the lighting, it can help our accurate find the smallest garbage.

After using the vacuum cleaner, its storage is also very convenient, because the volume is very small, so the glove box is certainly no problem, the door storage compartment can also be, cup holder and armrest box also does not matter, of course, for safety reasons, the trunk and glove box is the best place to place.



Two adjustable modes can meet different use scenarios, metal frosted body brings an excellent feel, two-in-one mouthpiece supplement makes the use experience icing on the cake, whether it is for the car’s floating dust, gravel foot mats or food residue on the seat can be perfectly removed, while it can also be used at home, suitable for more use scenarios. This product is really small, small enough to put in the armrest box, put in the door side storage bin.


The dual filter design is a bit troublesome to clean up after use, and the metal body is a bit cold for winter use. The small body limits the size of the dustbin, and for environments with a lot of trash it needs to be dumped frequently.

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