Brand Story

Online shopping is an important part of our lives. It’s a good way to get discounted products or unusual gadgets. But Dig AMZ founders noticed that we are still disturbed when we shop online, even when big platforms have provided a very good customer protection policy.

When we buy items on some online market places, we are facing millions of products, and we have to be very careful to pick the suitable one. More worse thing is, there are hundreds of sellers using same pictures and we need to identify who is reliable. These platforms are market places, they allow everyone to upload products and they can’t really control the behavior of sellers. We are exhausted at the very beginning on the online shopping. Not mentioned risks that we have after placing order.

Dig AMZ is aiming at providing a solution for the whole thing. This is a shopping mall but not a market place. We work with asian factories and handpick limited products to make sure the products are high quality, reliable and fun. The efficient logistics network allow us to ship item to all over the world safe and fast. Please don’t worry about the tariff, we are doing everything to avoid it, neither the return, we have an easy return and refund policy.

Dig AMZ has created a central shopping experience for all the fun, new amazing products that you just desire to have. Don’t waste your precious time scrolling through other online retailers trying to find what you’re looking for. At Dig AMZ, we’ve made it easier to find what you want right where you need it — at your fingertip. Shopping for amazing products has never been this easy and fun!

Welcome to a new online experience. Welcome to the home of the amazing, must-have products you can’t miss. Welcome to Dig AMZ, the source of amaze products.