4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner with Tire Inflator


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6000Pa hurricane has strong suction power and efficient dust collection, the high-speed drive fan impeller rotates so that the vacuum cleaner has a stronger suction power

Preset tire pressure in 60 seconds to quickly inflate, stop when full, no need to watch, don’t worry about charging too much or not too much

Intelligent digital display: Set the required tire pressure by yourself, intelligent CNC night vision screen, accurately display the tire pressure, monitor the tire pressure of your car at any time, and prevent wear and tear.

Upgraded exhaust design for bass operation: Upgraded exhaust design, effectively reducing noise, home office cleaning can also be easily done

The HEPA filter is easily flushed with the same suction power; Wet and dry, most of the dust mites and other pollutants can be filtered out of the dust of the washable filter, no consumables and environmental protection

Pure copper double motors, strong suction power, high performance movement Turbine motor vacuum cleaner

Metal charging connector, easy and fast charging, no need to twist screws, snap-type inflation, tight and leak-proof, just one click

Lighting at night, not dark at night: In case of special conditions at night, just press the switch of the body to illuminate, which is very convenient

Large-capacity dust bucket can be more loaded Split dust, so that the hands do not need to be stained, and it is easy to clean Home car dual-use

The high-speed drive fan impeller rotates, gathers the suction force and instantly forms a vacuum vortex, and the dust inside the car is swept away


Product name: Four-in-one car vacuum cleaner
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated current: ≤15A
Power access method: Cigarette lighter/USB socket
Tire pressure display: digital display
Power cord length: about 420cm
Product function: vacuum cleaner / inflator / lighting / tire pressure gauge
Product color: black
Product accessories: extension hose / brush / long mouth straw / inflation hose

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