Cyclone Car Wash Filter


Advanced Geometric Filtering System

297 geometrically-positioned dirt trap cyclones deliver optimal filtration. Maximizing dirt capture and water flow in a wash bucket takes a great deal of engineering. Place too many holes, and the cones become too small to let any dirt particles through. Install too few cones, and the holes end up being big enough to allow particles to flow back up into the clean wash water. The Dirt Trap’s unique Geometric Filtering System strikes the perfect balance between cone size, dirt aperture diameter, funnel pitch, and strategic placement for maximum particle capture. The Dirt Trap is the future of car wash bucket filter technology, and will save car owners from installing billions of tiny swirls and scratches with every car wash.

Uni-Directional Filtration: Keeps Dirt Trapped Under The Filter And Off Your Car

Uni-Directional Filtration keeps dirt trapped under the Dirt Trap Cyclones to reduce scratches, swirls, and paint damage caused during washing. Old world wash screens allow water and dirt to flow through vertically. Whenever a mitt is dunked into the bucket, the downward force pushes water and dirt down past the screen, but it also pushes any settled dirt back up straight into the cleaner water of the bucket. The textured underside and small holes of the Dirt Trap screen act as a one-way valve: dirt is pushed through the cyclone funnels and is trapped underneath the guard where it cannot flow back into the clean water. The Uni-Directional Filtration of the Dirt Trap keeps dirt away from cleaner wash water and off the wash mitt to drastically reduce the chances of installing swirls and scratches on any vehicle during a wash.

Enhanced Scrubbing Action Keeps Wash Mitts Clean

Every Dirt Trap bucket insert is molded with Cyclone Scrub Ridge rings around every dirt cyclone funnel. Rub the wash mitt directly on the Dirt Trap to scrub and agitate any embedded dirt and grime from the wash fibers, then funnel and trap it directly underneath the insert. The Cyclone Scrub Ridges are designed with the perfect grip and height to work with any chenille, microfiber, or natural lambswool car wash mitt, natural car wash sea sponge, or boars hair wash brush. The ridges are gentle on natural and manmade fibers, and will not tear apart or destroy any car wash mitt, sponge, or brush. Knock dirt, dust, grease, and grime off the car wash mitt with the scrubbing ridge, then funnel it directly down underneath the bucket insert to trap it away from the cleaner water in the bucket.


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