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This is an adjustable color rainbow clock, each of which digit can be adjusted to a favorite color, or set to a different color gradient aurora effect, each segment of each digital tube number is in a gradient, a clock can be displayed All the colors of the rainbow. The large digital display design makes the color display more abundant, and the built-in 13 menu settings can be set to different functions and effects.
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Super large inch digital display;
Adjustable color for each number, built-in 13 different color options (white, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, water green, cyan, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, light red);
Can be set to all color automatic gradient effect, built-in 5 kinds of Aurora rainbow color self-gradient effect;
Adopt high brightness 5050 full color LED design;
Touch button setup menu (with audible feedback and LED backlight feedback);
You can set alternate display of time, temperature, date, day of the week information, or set to display only time;
4 colons show special effects;
6 different animation switching effects to choose from;
7 kinds of time digital variation effects are available for selection;
Adopt DS3231 for RTC, built-in temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, ultra-high precision, can be put into CR1220 backup battery to prevent loss of time data after power failure;
4-level brightness adjustment function, built-in photoresistor, can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, can also specify the brightness;
Level 6 information switching duration, you can set how long to display the temperature, date, week and other information according to your preferences;
Voice-activated wake-up function, tapping the desktop or patting the palm to wake up the display;
Countdown function, the countdown ends the buzzer to sound the reminder;
A timed alarm, which automatically turns off after two minutes of tweet, or is turned off by touching the button;
Multi-layer acrylic shell;
Power-off memory function;
USB DC 5V voltage supply;
Overall size: 80mm x 200mm x 15mm.


1. Press the setting (circular symbol) + switch touch key (triangle symbol) to enter or exit the menu at the same time;
2. Short touch switch button (triangle symbol) can switch time setting (Time) – date setting (Date) – alarm setting (Alarm) – format setting (Format) – switching animation effect setting (Display) – setting information switching duration (Speed) – Midpoint Colon Bounce Effect Setting (Midpoint) – Color Gradient Effect (Color) – Color Gradient Speed (Color Speed) – Voice Switch Setting (Voice) – Brightness Setting(Brightness) – Time Digital Variation Effect Setting (Move) – Countdown setting (Count). Short press the set key (circular symbol) to enter the setting, and then modify the parameter value by switching the key (triangle symbol).

Parameter Settings:

1. Time: The switch key (triangle symbol key) modifies the flashing parameter value, and sets the key (circular symbol key) to determine the modification;
2. Date: The order of modification is: year-month-day;
3. Alarm: ON – turn on the alarm and enter the alarm time setting; OFF – turn off the alarm
4. Format settings (Format):
Hour (hour format): 24h-24 time mode; 12h-12 time mode.
Date (date format): M-DD: month-day mode; DD-M: day-month mode.
Temp (temperature format): C-degree Celsius; F-Fahrenheit;
5. Switching mode (Display):
0-display time only;
1-rotation switching;
2-up and down switching;
3-down switching;
4-switching from left to right;
5-flashing switching;
6-direct switching;
6. Information switching speed setting (Speed):
5_-5 seconds to switch information;
10_-10 seconds to switch information;
30_-30 seconds to switch information;
60_-60 seconds to switch information;
2M-2 minutes to switch information;
10M-10 minutes to switch information;
7. Colon jump effect setting (Midpoint):
0-normally bright mode;
1-breathing mode;
2-second lighting mode;
3-up and down lighting mode;
8. Color effect settings (Color):
0 – enter custom settings color(See Custom color);
1 – all gradient mode;
2 – different digital color gradient mode;
3 – rainbow color gradient mode;
4 – left and right aurora color gradient mode;
5 – up and down aurora Color gradient mode
Custom color: switch key (triangle symbol key) modify the color value of the flashing number (a total of 13 colors), set the key (circular symbol key) to determine the modified color and enter the next digital color;
9. Color gradient speed setting (Color Speed): 1-5 speed optional;
10. Voice control settings (Voice): ON – turn on the voice mode; OFF – turn off the voice mode
11. Brightness level setting (Brightness):
1-4 levels of brightness;
A- automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment;
12. Time digital change effect (Move):
0 – direct change;
1 – rotation + flash mode;
2 – up and down mode;
3 up and down + left and right flash mode;
4 – segment by flash mode;
5 – random mode;
6 – flash +Up and down mode
13. Countdown setting (Count): Enter the minutes and seconds, press the setting button (circle) to start the countdown, the countdown ends the buzzer, and any touch button to exit the countdown.

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1 x Geekcreit® Large Size Rainbow Color Digital Tube DS3231 Clock DIY Kit

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