DIY Multifunction LED Dot Clock


This is a multi-functional DIY clock kit, built-in 15 menu settings, you can set a variety of different functions through touch buttons. For example, the brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the environment, you can wake up the clock by voice, but also can be set according to different preferences Show time-division(Hour:Minute:Second) mode or hour-by-minute(Hour:Minute) mode, each also added a variety of animation effects, as well as countdown, backlight effects, birthday reminders, also added 16 common holiday reminder. Increased practicality, better functionality, and black translucent acrylic make the clock look more concise.
Manual is here!


Square LED dot matrix module display time, temperature, date, week and other information;
5 different font styles to choose from;
5 kinds of colons show special effects;
10 different animation switching effects to choose from;
6 kinds of time digital change effects can be selected;
Touch key operation menu;
RTC with DS3231, built-in warm-up crystal oscillator, ultra-high precision, can be put into CR1220 backup battery to prevent power-down time data loss(CR1220 backup battery not include in the kit);
Birthday reminders can be set and the date will display “Happy birthday!”;
5 levels of brightness adjustment function, built-in photo resistor, can automatically adjust the brightness according to ambient light, can also specify the brightness;
4 kinds of time display modes, two hour, minute and second display modes (Hour: Minute: Second) and two time-division display modes (Hour: Minute);
5 levels of information switching time, according to preferences set how often to display temperature, date, week and other information;
Voice-activated wake-up function, beating the desktop or clapping hands to wake up the display;
4 kinds of backlight effects are optional, you can also choose to turn off;
Countdown function, countdown buzzer sounds reminder after the end;
One timed alarm clock that automatically shuts off after two minutes or closes by touching the button;
Holiday reminder function can display 16 holiday reminders for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. (see the holiday reminder list for details);
Acrylic closed shell;
Color optional: red, green, blue, white;
USB DC 5V voltage supply;
Overall size: 168mm x 42mm x 15mm;

Holiday reminder list:

New Year: January 1 (Show New Year’s Day!)
Valentine’s Day: February 14 (Shows Valentine’s Day!)
Women’s Day: March 8 (Women’s Day!)
April Fools’ Day: April 1 (Show April Fools’ Day!)
Easter: First Sunday after the equinox (Show Easter Sunday!)
Labor Day: May 1 (Shows Labor Day!)
Mother’s Day: Mothers’ Day!
Children’s Day: June 1 (Show Children’s Day!)
Father’s Day: Third Sunday in June (Showing Fathers’ Day!)
Halloween: October 31 (Halloween!)
Halloween: November 1st (All Saints’ Day!)
Singles: November 11 (Show Single’s Day!)
Thanksgiving: Fourth Thursday of November (Show Thanksgiving Day!)
Christmas Eve: December 24 (Show Christmas Eve!)
Christmas: December 25 (Show Merry Christmas!)
End of the year: December 31 (Show Last day of the year!)


1. Simultaneously press the setting (circle symbol) + switch touch key (triangle symbol) to enter or exit the menu;
2. Short-touch switch key (triangle symbol) to switch time setting(Time) – Date setting(Date) – Alarm setting(Alarm) – Font style setting(Font) – Switch animation effect setting(Display) – Midpoint bounce effect setting(Midpoint) – Format setting(Format) – Birthday mode setting(Birthday) – Brightness setting(Brightness) – Time display mode setting(Show) – information switching time settings(Speed) – Time digital change effects settings(Move) – Voice switch settings(Sound) – Backlight LED effects settings(Back-Led) – Countdown settings(Count). Short press the setup key (circle symbol) to enter the setting, and then change the parameter value by the switch key (triangle symbol).

Parameter settings:

1. Time: switch key (triangle symbol key) to modify the flashing parameter value, set the key key (circle symbol key) to confirm the modification;
2. Date: The modification order is: year-month-day;
3. Alarm clock: ON – Turn on the alarm clock and enter the alarm time setting; OFF – Turn off the alarm clock
4. Font: font style 1-5;
5. Switching mode(Display): 0-only display time; 1-scrolling switch to the left; 2- random lighting switch; 3-drop switching one by one; 4-light up and down light switching; 5-middle separation switching; 6-way middle Rollover; 7-up and down rollover; 8-side sweep switch; 9-direct light switch;
6. Colon beat effect settings(Midpoint): 1 – middle confluence beats; 2 – fade up and down; 3 – constant light; 4 – move up and down; 5 – light up every second
7. Format settings(Format): Hour (hour format): 24h-24 hour mode; 12h-12 hour mode. Date (date format): MM-DD: month-day mode; DD-MM: day-month mode. Temp (temperature format): C-Celsius; F-Fahrenheit;
8.Birthday reminder settings(Birthday): ON-open reminder function and enter the parameter settings; OFF-close reminder
9.Brightness level settings(Brightness): level: 1-5 brightness; A-automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment;
10. Time display mode(Show): HH:MM-Hour:Minute mode; H:M:S-Hour:Minute:Second mode; H: M ss-Hour:Minute second mode; A H: M-a/p Hour: Minute mode (12 hours);
11.Information switching speed settings(Speed): 5s-5 seconds to switch information; 10s-10 seconds to switch information; 30s-30 seconds to switch information; 60s-60 seconds to switch information; 120s-120 seconds to switch information;
12. Special effect of time digital change(Move) (Only for switching mode 0): 0-Direct change; 1-Extend one by one; 2-Drop mode; 3-Random light up; 4-Up and down; 5-Middle out
13.Voice control settings(Sound): ON – open voice control mode; OFF – turn off the voice control mode
14.Backlight effect settings(Back-Led): 0 – off the backlight; 1- constant; 2- follow the sound; 3-breathing mode;
15.Countdown setting(Count): Enter the minutes and seconds, press the set button (circle) to start the countdown, countdown buzzer to end, any touch key to exit the countdown;
Special reminder: time digital change effects only on Switching mode(Display): 0-only display time;

Package included:

1 x DIY DS3231 Clock Kit

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