Joystick Gaming Controller for iPhone Lightning Port


  • Lightning Connection: GameSir X2 Lightning is built-in with a Lightning port, enabling a fast setup, plug and play, wired connection is always the simplest and most direct way of solving lag problem, enhance your gaming experience.
  • Support MFi, Arcade and Cloud Game: GameSir X2 Lightning is gaming controller , support multiple games, like MFi, Arcade game, also compatible with the Cloud game, including Microsoft’s xCloud, Google’s stadia, Vortex, Xbox game pass and more.
  • Adjust Turbo Combo Function: The iOS gaming controller has 3 levels of turbo speed, you can adjust the speed according your need, it will help you move faster than any other player. Fast under your control, furious in enemies, If fast is defined by yourself, can victory be far behind?
  • Classic Stretch Design, Strong Flexibility: The stretch of ios mobile gamepad allows you to fit a mobile phone with a length of 100-173 mm, maximum thickness of 1 cm. The internal spring is durable and can withstand long-term expansion and countless stretches.
  • Ergonomic Design: GameSir X2 Lightning use soft rubber grip, makes it more grip-friendly than the iPhone itself, providing enough comfort, especially during long sessions. This iOS gaming controller use the rotable Lightning plug, it’s not stiff but more flexible when plugging in. Just tilt and slot, easy and worry-free.

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