Motorcycle Real Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Product Features:

1. Powered by USB cable,2 external sensor

2. Built-in high temperature resistant explosion-proof lithium battery, fast charging, long lasting power

3. Real-time display of highly accurate tire temperature and pressure data of 2 wheels at the same time

4. Quickly detect leak and alarm, extend tire life, balance tire pressure, ensure the safety of motorcycles

5.PSI, BAR two kinds of pressure unit optional, ℃ and ℉ two kinds of temperature unit optional

6. Each sensor has a separate ID code, which has been completed before delivery, can be directly used after installation

7. TPMS dedicated radio frequency technology, the sensor real-time updates data, alarm when tire pressure and temperature are abnormal

8. TPMS dedicated Freescale chip program, 6-in-1, makes the signal more stable and reliable, monitoring data more accurate to ensure traffic safety



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