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No Algorithms, No Memory Required

Follow The APP Guide, Solve The Cube Easily

MI Cube Video:
GiiKER Super Cube Video:
Comparison Mi Cube GiiKER Super Cube i3
Power supply CR1632 Button battery Rechargeable battery
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APP Features Tutorial for beginners

Step by step solution guide

Real time tracking

Smart Timer

Mini games

Global online battle



Check Here to learn how to download both apps.


1. Follow 30 steps to restore*
Smart magic cube APP

2. Six-axis sensing system
Automatically capture rotation and color changes

3. Beginner tutorial
From entry to mastery, so easy

4. Restore Magic Cube Timing
Record restoration time, number of steps, speed

5. Professional racing structure design
Anti-cart, anti-scattering frame, high fault tolerance

6. Smart home linkage
Control smart home appliances with smart cube


Applicable age 6 years+
Main material ABS
Support system  Android 6.0 or iOs 9.0 and above
Product net weight 100g
Product size 57x57x57mm
Battery Type CR1632 Button Battery
Wireless connection Bluetooth version 5.0
Working temperature 0- 40℃


Features:1.  Perfect Science Education GIFT
Perfect as science education gift for your family, boyfriends, children, classmates, and yourselves.

2. A Good Magic Cube, Realize Your Childhood Dreams
What is a good cube? It turns quickly and firmly, will not get stuck or scatterred, compatible all sorts of techniques.This product meets your needs at one time. Powerful performance, cost effective, with APP, let you easily get new skills, the realization of childhood restore dreams.

3. Movable Magnetic Module Design
Automatic Positioning, Light & Smooth Movement
With built-in strong magnets , it can be aligned automatically with a flick of the dial.  Innovative movable magnetic module design brings a stronger sense of the sound of magnetic suction, like with BGM itself, can not stop at first.

4. High Performance Racing Structure Design
More Accurate Rotation, More Stable Elasticity

The innovative segmented lengthened shaft and dual metal shaft sleeve has greatly improved the verticality of the six axes and the rotation accuracy of the center block. Combined with the new integrated design of the center block and the elastic system, the elasticity on all six sides remain stable and consistent. Players can freely adjust the tightness, just breaking the hand speed as fast as you can.

Package Included:
1 x Smart Cube
1 x Manual

MI Cube

Smart Magic Cube
3D dynamic graphics teaching | half-day learning for the zero-based 
Follow 30 steps to restore | Six-axis sensing | Bluetooth synchronization


Half a day to learn new skills*Magic Cube
The intelligent Cube APP has 9 kinds of small games”tutorial”.
which allow users to master the ability of color memory and spatial thinking from shallow to deep,and quickly master the restoration skills to become the master of the magic cube


Scientific timing*Record every progress
Smart Cube app has a timing function.
How long does it take you to start from turning the Cube to fully recovering?
Perhaps you don’t know your potential value answer.
Besides the recording time,the app can record the number of steps and speed,allowing you constantly improve your skill.

Racing structure design
 High performance experience
The smart cube uses magnetic positioning design,
so that you can easily every step of the rotation, with the racing structure design, turn fast and won’t get stuck of fall apart,bring you racing experience.

1 hour a day* last for 1 year
Built-in replaceable button battery, connect smart cube app for 1 hour everyday, it can be played for 1 year for a long time.


Giiker i3S

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